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  1. Kevin I am a really big fan from Pikeville, Ky I just graduated college and Thank God for everything he has given me . My one goal is to meet you. Or get an autograph. I love the program for kids . Keep up the great work . I would love to have you in Kentucky sometime and do an event ?

  2. Kevin, I read your thoughts on the Death Penalty and I have to disagree with you, in 1979 I tried to commit suicide cause I wanted the pain to end, I wanted peace but people like murderers, terrorists do they really deserve peace for killing so many or should they pay back to society where in place of mice they are tested to see what drugs (help people with illness’s) work best.

    To put to death these people who have killed others really isn’t going to help anyone but the evil side of life or Satan how ever you want to put it. I believe that when God said THOU SHALT NOT KILL that is what he meant, end of story. The morality in the world is very dead, how can we get this back if our mindset is to put to death those who kill? I’m sorry I just feel that the Death Penalty serves Satan’s agenda more so than to follow Jesus’ philosophy or was Jesus’ death all in vain?

    Have a nice day and be well,
    Sandy Vincent

  3. Dear Kevin – you have become a significant person in my life recently, due to the magic and wisdom of Andromeda – I’ve fallen in love with Lisa Ryder, I’ve become fascinated by the philosophical revelations of Keith Hamilton Cobb, but I want to communicate with you that your strength is timeless and I appreciate the quality of what you’ve shared, at least in that particular series – I’m glad to be your fan, and am devoted to learning more about you – thanks, Clint

    • Thank you so much for this information. I am sure you are sending it based on my Facebook and Twitter post which I worded poorly and never meant the way it sounded. The rioters, however, are animals, no matter what race they are. Over 90% of the arrests were from people not even from Ferguson! They were just taking advantage of the situation and looting, vandalizing and rioting. Not the answer. That benefits no one. Only hurts the people running honest businesses. Insurance goes up. Prices go up and the cycle gets worse. There are plenty of stats out there to show the percentage of each group of people as well that live on welfare. Where is all the protesting and rioting over the daily murders of blacks in Chicago??? A nine year old was just shot there last week multiple times…no news on that one. Hmmmmmm……

  4. Well said, Kevin.

    Molly, the goal is to have NO ONE on the dole, NOT to try and get as much as you can for your particular race. A nation’s shame is directly related to the number of capable people who demand IT support THEM. A nation’s pride is always reflected in the sweaty faces of a hard working people who are taking care of IT – WARCHICK

    • Many thanks for your reply! Yep…..that is the message we would love to send and see happen, but we live in a country now that Socialism has infected. Hard to take people off the dole when they feel entitled to it. There will be many Ferguson’s down the road, I fear, with a growing number of people angry at the world and filled with hate. That is the disease Socialism spreads. All it does is destroy. Are people flocking to live in Russia? China? Cuba? North Korea? Anywhere in Europe? Nope….they still want to come to America. Soon that will end, too.

  5. AMEN, Kevin. And people wonder why the villagers are so angry…
    (I created the ANGRY VILLAGERS app, it has a torch you can use–cause you can’t be an angry villager with a flashlight–and a pitchfork that will SPROING people while a voice yells YEOWWW!! Perfect for election year, which is why I made it….by 2016 when Hilary runs we’ll be ready for her! nyuk nyuk)

    It’s all in fun, so enjoy playing with the ANGRY VILLAGER APP demo, and watch for it to be publicly available for sale next month! (Sorry for the shameless plug, I’m just so excited for how this has turned out and for people to have fun with it!

    Time to take back our nation…standing our ground created this nation, defending that ground will save it!

    — Resa WARCHICK Kirkland

  6. Hey, Kevin. I really enjoy following you on facebook and twitter. I’m trying to find some way to get in touch with you to share a story I think you will enjoy. It is unfolding in a tiny church in Colorado and an oil mining camp in North Dakota, all as a result of one, ‘God is not dead’ text. It’s pretty astounding and God isn’t done with it yet.
    Proud to know you.

  7. Hi Kevin, please indulge me long enough to read this. I’ve written a book that I’d like you to read. This story has never been written. Quest For Eden: The Noble Guardian Warriors… Sandor, a peaceful, but deadly martial artist was sought out by the Spirit Guide of a Native American Tribe. Ben, the spirit guide received a message from the spirit of the wind whispering through the leaves of the forest to find Sandor and teach him the ways of Native American Spirituality and Shape-Shifting. These combined skills were the only hope to save humanity from a powerful evil.

    Quest For Eden: The Noble Guardian Warriors is available both in digital and paperback formats. At least read the reviews please. I see you in the lead role if it ever went to film.

    F.S. Csernetics

    • When you get your script together, contact me through my manager, Sherry Marsh in Studio City, CA.

      My plate is full right now and booked up through April of next year.

      Good luck.


  8. Dear Kevin,

    a year or more ago, I did devote myself to learning more about you. I owe you a debt of gratitude for the thoroughness of your many answers to my many prayers through the course of this year. You are not only a fantastic actor, you are an authority where personal salvation is concerned. Your ideals are far loftier than I find with many people who worship with the Christ and the Holy Spirit – thanks for teaching me as much as you have about the meaning of life.

    I fear I’ve been rude at times during our metaphysical encounters, but it’s never personal so much as it is my general resistance to telepathy and astral projection. You are one of the most blessed souls I’ve ever encountered, and I rejoice the degree to which I have received the blessing of your association. The words you have spoken to me, and the attitude in your way of story-telling, have saved me again and again from pessimism and athiesm. Someday I hope I could learn to thank you enough.

    Your eternal friend,

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